Schools And Activities Near Audubon Country Club

north naples middle schoolWhen you choose to live in a country club so that you can play golf, and you have a family, you will want to make sure that you are close to schools. Your children could be younger, perhaps elementary school age, and you need to know. In addition to this, the country club that you join should have many activities that you can do within the gated community, and there should also be plenty of activities that are in the surrounding area. That’s why so many people enjoy living at Audubon Country Club because of all that it has to offer.

What You Should Know About Audubon Country Club

This is a community that understands the importance of providing a proper balance of modern amenities along with blending in with the natural environment. There are many golfing communities all throughout Naples that have designated areas that are focused on conservation of the wildlife. You will play on many golf courses that have these protected areas on either side. You should have no problem at all fitting in at this country club if that is something that you prefer. It is designed for people that enjoy the country club lifestyle and is also perfectly integrated with the surrounding wildlife and natural landscape.

Is This Country Club Close To Schools?

There are a couple of elementary schools that are very close to the country club. This will include Naples Park Elementary School and North Naples Middle School if you have older children. This will make it very easy for families to get their kids to school right on time. These are just a few minutes away from the country club, and they more than likely provide some public transportation if you would prefer getting your kids to school in this manner.

What Amenities Do They Offer At This Country Club?

The amenities that you will have available will include the fitness center, country club, tennis courts, and the golf course. There is fine dining, and you can also play croquet if that is again that you have enjoyed playing most of your life. There will also be events that will go on throughout the week, making sure that members can have something to do whenever they want. This is a country club that caters to all of their members, especially their residence, allowing them to have outstanding services and activities that can be done every day.

If you have thought about living out the Audubon Country Club, you might want to consider looking at real estate that they currently have available. It’s a location that is very close to the Gulf of Mexico which means you should be able to play golf, head to the beach, or even take your boat out on the water. Best of all, if you have a small family, your kids will be able to get to school in just a few minutes. It’s the perfect location for not only retirees but for small families that would like to live in a country club setting.

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